Month: July 2013

Effects of postpartum nutrition and once-daily suckling on reproductive efficiency and preweaning calf performance in fall-calving Brahman (Bos indicus) cows

Author: Written by Browning, Jr, R., B. S. Robert, A. W. Lewis, D. A. Neuendorff, and R. D. Randel Journal: J Anim Sci 1994 72: 984-989. Abstract: Brahman cows were used to evaluate the effects of postpartum nutrition and suckling

Recovery rate and plasma zinc and copper concentrations of steer calves fed organic and inorganic zinc and manganese sources with or without injectable copper and challenged with infectious bovine rhinotracheitis virus

Author: Written by Chirase, N. K., D. P. Hutcheson, G. B. Thompson, and J. W. Spears Journal: J Anim Sci 1994 72: 212-219. Abstract: Two experiments were conducted using feeder calves in a randomized block design to determine the effects

Genetic analysis of calving date in Miles City Line 1 Hereford cattle

Author: Written by MacNeil, M. D. and S. Newman Journal: J Anim Sci 1994 72: 3073-3079 Abstract: A model for genetic analysis of calving date was proposed and variance components, genetic trends, and fixed effects for calving date were estimated

Life cycle evaluation of five biological types of beef cattle in a cow-calf range production system: I. Model development

Author: Written by Davis, K. C., M. W. Tess, D. D. Kress, D. E. Doornbos, and D. C. Anderson Journal: Journal of Animal Science, Oct 1994; 72: 2585 – 2590. Abstract: Data collected during a 10-yr study at the Northern

Endocrine responses in cows fed Ponderosa pine needles and the effects of stress, corpus luteum regression, progestin, and ketoprofen

Author: Written by Short, R. E., R. B. Staigmiller, R. A. Bellows, and S. P. Ford Journal: J Anim Sci 1995 73: 198-205. Abstract: Pregnant cows were fed pine needles (PN, 2 kg.cow-1.d-1) mixed with the diet to determine factors

Effects of feeding energy or protein supplements before or after calving on performance of spring-calving cows grazing native range

Author: Written by Marston, T. T., K. S. Lusby, R. P. Wettemann, and H. T. Purvis Journal: J Anim Sci 1995 73: 657-664 Abstract: In three consecutive years, spring-calving Hereford and Hereford x Angus cows (n = 348) were used

Influence of maternal and service-sire breed on serum progesterone and estrogen before calving and plasma 13,14-dihydro-15-keto-prostaglandin F2 alpha after calving

Author: Written by Lammoglia, M. A., J. W. Holloway, A. W. Lewis, D. A. Neuendorff, and R. D. Randel Journal: J Anim Sci 1995 73: 1167-1173 Abstract: Effects of breed of service sire and cow on birth weight and prepartum

Reproductive responses and calf birth and weaning weights as affected by body condition at parturition and postpartum weight gain in primiparous beef cows

Author: Written by Spitzer, J. C., D. G. Morrison, R. P. Wettemann, and L. C. Faulkner Journal: Journal of Animal Science, May 1995; 73: 1251 – 1257. Abstract: Effects of body condition score (BCS) at parturition and postpartum weight gain

Effects of time of weaning, supplement, and sire breed of calf during the fall grazing period on cow and calf performance

Author: Written by Short, R. E., E. E. Grings, M. D. MacNeil, R. K. Heitschmidt, M. R. Haferkamp, and D. C. Adams Journal: J Anim Sci 1996 74: 1701-1710. Abstract: A 4-yr experiment was conducted to determine effects of protein

Factors affecting dystocia in Brahman-cross heifers in subtropical southeastern United States

Author: Written by Bellows, R. A., P. C. Genho, S. A. Moore, and C. C. Chase, Jr Journal: Journal of Animal Science, Mar 1993; 71: 602 – 607. Abstract: This study was conducted to determine relative relationships among factors affecting