Month: July 2013

Integration of regulatory signals controlling forage intake in ruminants

Author: Written by Forbes, J. M. Journal: J Anim Sci 1996 74: 3029-3035. Abstract: Numerous factors have the potential to affect the amount of forage or pasture eaten by ruminant animals, including gut capacity, ability oftissues to metabolize nutrients, ruminal

Effects of twinning on dystocia, calf survival, calf growth, carcass traits, and cow productivity

Author: Written by K. E. Gregory, S. E. Echternkamp, and L. V. Cundiff Journal: Journal of Animal Science, Jun 1996; 74: 1223 – 1233. Abstract: This paper reports results from a long-term experiment with a primary objective to increase twinning

Vitamin E supplementation and stress affect tissue alpha-tocopherol content of beef heifers

Author: Written by Nockels, C. F., K. G. Odde, and A. M. Craig Journal: J Anim Sci 1996 74: 672-677. Abstract: The effect of stress on tissue alpha-tocopherol was investigated in 16 crossbred heifers fed a corn/corn silage-based diet. For

Calving intervals in beef cows at 2, 3, and 4 years of age when breeding is not restricted after calving

Author: Written by Werth, L. A., S. M. Azzam, and J. E. Kinder Journal: J Anim Sci 1996 74: 593-596 Abstract: The objective of this study was to evaluate calving intervals and repeatability of calving intervals of young beef cows

Handling, Bruising and Dehydration of Cattle at the Time of Slaughter

Author: Written by Jarvis, A.M.; Messer, C.D.A.; Cockram, M.S.T. Journal: Animal Welfare, Volume 5, Number 3, August 1996 , pp. 259-270(12) Abstract: The handling of cattle during unloading (n = 39) and movement to slaughter (n = 163) was observed

Effect of prostaglandin F2 alpha administered before estrus synchronization with norgestomet and estradiol valerate on calving rates of beef cows

Author: Written by Kesler, D. J., D. B. Faulkner, R. Machado, F. A. Ireland, and K. E. Tjardes Journal: J Anim Sci 1996 74: 2076-2080 Abstract: Three experiments were conducted to evaluate the effects of prostaglandin F2 alpha treatments 5,

Effect of shipping and chromium supplementation on performance, immune response, and disease resistance of steers

Author: Written by Kegley, E. B., J. W. Spears, and T. T. Brown, Jr Journal: J Anim Sci 1997 75: 1956-1964. Abstract: Forty-eight Angus crossbred steers (263 +/- 2 kg initial BW) were blocked by weight and randomly assigned within

The effects of low-copper diets with or without supplemental molybdenum on specific immune responses of stressed cattle

Author: Written by Ward, J. D. and J. W. Spears Journal: J Anim Sci 1999 77: 230-237. Abstract: Angus bull calves (n = 42; 7 mo of age; 254 kg initial BW) were used to investigate the effects of dietary

Effects of sire, dam traits, calf traits, and environment on dystocia and subsequent reproduction of two-year-old heifers

Author: Written by Colburn, D. J., G. H. Deutscher, M. K. Nielsen, and D. C. Adams Journal: Journal of Animal Science, Jun 1997; 75: 1452 – 1460. Abstract: A study was conducted over 3 yr to evaluate effects of sire

Effects of prepartum supplementary fat and muscle hypertrophy genotype on cold tolerance in newborn calves

Author: Written by Lammoglia, M. A., R. A. Bellows, E. E. Grings and J. W. Bergman Journal: J Anim Sci 1999 77: 2227-2233. Abstract: Effects of feeding pregnant dams supplemental dietary fat during the last 55 d of gestation on