Month: July 2013

Gonadotropin-releasing hormone enhances the calving rate of beef females administered norgestomet and alfaprostol for estrus synchronization

Author: Written by doValle, E. R., L. C. Cruz, and D. J. Kesler Journal: J Anim Sci 1997 75: 897-903. Abstract: One hundred fifty beef heifers and 403 beef cows suckling calves were administered norgestomet implants (8 d) and alfaprostol,

Late-gestation treatment of pregnant cows with trenbolone acetate does not increase subsequent growth of heifer calves

Author: Written by Harting, M. A., D. M. de Avila, K. A. Johnson, and J. J. Reeves Journal: Journal of Animal Science, May 1997; 75: 1190 – 1194. Abstract: Fifty crossbred cows (38 multiparous and 12 nulliparous) were used to

Germplasm evaluation in beef cattle-cycle IV: birth and weaning traits

Author: Written by Lanier, ,J. L, T. Grandin, R. D. Green, D. Avery, and K. McGee Journal: J Anim Sci 1998 76: 2528-2535 Abstract: Gestation length, unassisted calving percentage, perinatal mortality, calf crop weaned (survival from birth to weaning), birth

Effects of feeding beef females supplemental fat during gestation on cold tolerance in newborn calves

Author: Written by Lammoglia, M. A., R. A. Bellows, E. E. Grings, J. W. Bergman, R. E. Short, and M. D. MacNeil Journal: J Anim Sci 1999 77: 824-834. Abstract: Effects of prepartum fat supplementation of the dam on cold

Early weaning and postweaning nutritional management affect feedlot performance of angus x simmental heifers and the relationship of 12th rib fat and marbling score to feed efficiency

Author: Written by Wertz, E., L. L. Berge, P. M. Walker, D. B. Faulkner, F. K. McKeith and S. Rodriguez-Zas Journal: J Anim Sci 2001 79: 1660-1669. Abstract: Early-weaned Angus x Simmental heifers were used to evaluate the effects of

Early-weaning and postweaning nutritional management affect feedlot performance, carcass merit, and the relationship of 12th-rib fat, marbling score, and feed efficiency among Angus and Wagyu heifers

Author: Written by Wertz, A. E., L. L. Berger, P. M. Walker, D. B. Faulkner, F. K. McKeith and S. L. Rodriguez-Zas Journal: J Anim Sci 2002 80: 28-37. Abstract: Twelve 3/4 Angus (Angus) and 12 Wagyu-cross (1/2 Wagyu x

Controlling variation in feed intake through bunk management

Author: Written by Pritchard, R. H. and K. W. Bruns Journal: J Anim Sci 2003 81: E133-138E. Abstract: The desire to control variation in daily feed intake by feedlot cattle stems from the obvious concern that a significant aberration in

Large round bale feeder design affects hay utilization and beef cow behavior

Author: Written by Buskirk, D. D., A. J. Zanella, T. M. Harrigan, J. L. Van Lente, L. M. Gnagey, and M. J. Kaercher Journal: J Anim Sci 2003 81: 109-115. Abstract: One hundred sixty beef cows (631 ± 78 kg)

Effects of feeding supplemental fat to beef cows on cold tolerance in newborn calves

Author: Written by Dietz, R. E., J. B. Hall, W. D. Whittier, F. Elvinger, and D. E. Eversole Journal: J Anim Sci 2003 81: 885-894. Abstract: Our objectives were to examine the effects of added fat in late-gestation cow diets

Effect of management strategies on reducing heat stress of feedlot cattle: Feed and water intake

Author: Written by Mader, T. L. and M. S. Davis Journal: J Anim Sci 2004 82: 3077-3087. Abstract: Three experiments were conducted to evaluate management strategies designed to decrease heat stress of cattle finished during the summer. In Exp. 1,