Month: October 2014

A Survey to Describe Current Feeder Cattle Health and Well-Being Program Recommendations made by Feedlot Veterinary Consultants in the United States and Canada

Author: S.P. Terrell, DVM; D.U. Thomson1, PhD, DVM; B.W. Wileman, DVM, PhD; M.D. Apley, DVM, PhD Abstract: Feedlot veterinarians (n=23) representing 11,295,000 cattle on feed in the United States and Canada participated in a beef cattle health and well-being recommendation survey. Veterinarians

Perception of lameness management, education, and effects on animal welfare of feedlot cattle by consulting nutritionists, veterinarians, and feedlot managers

Author: S.P. Terrell, DVM, MS; D.U. Thomson, PhD, DVM; C.D. Reinhardt, BS, MS, PhD; M.D. Apley, DVM, PhD; C.K. Larson; K.R. Stackhouse-Lawson Abstract: Consulting nutritionists (n=37), consulting veterinarians (n=47), and feedlot managers (n=63) from the United States and Canada participated in a feedlot

A survey of gross pathologic conditions in cull cows at slaughter in the Great Lakes region of the United States

Author: D. J. Rezac, D. U. Thomson , M.G. Siemens, F.L. Prouty, C.D. Reinhardt, S. J. Bartle Journal: J. Dairy Sci. 97 :4227–4235 Abstract: The prevalence and severity of multiple gross pathologic lesions and abnormalities in cull dairy and beef cows was evaluated at a commercial abattoir in the

Prevalence, severity, and relationships of lung lesions, liver abnormalities, and rumen health scores measured at slaughter in beef cattle

Author: D. J. Rezac, D. U. Thomson ,S. J. Bartle, J. B. Osterstock, F. L. Prouty and C. D. Reinhardt Journal: J ANIM SCI June 2014 vol. 92no. 6 2595-2602 Abstract: An array of management tools exists within the beef industry to improve animal welfare and productivity; however, the

Producer Spotlight

McCarty Family Farms LLC McCarty Family, Rexford, Kansas When Tom and Judy McCarty made the decision to relocate the family dairy from Northeast Pennsylvania to Western Kansas in 2000, it was because they viewed the opportunities for young people who

In Research

A Survey of Dry-Rolled Corn Particle Size and Fecal Starch in U.S. Midwestern Feedlots Authors: Erin Schwandt, Dan Thomson, Chris Reinhardt and Steve Bartle Introduction: Beef finishing diets are commonly formulated with processed grain as a primary energy source to

Rural Practitioner

Dr. Stan Perry East Emporia Veterinary Clinic, Emporia, Kansas  by Lisa Henderson Dr. Stan Perry is a rural practitioner at the East Emporia Veterinary Clinic in Emporia, Kansas. He graduated from Kansas State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine in 1990

Student Spotlight

Elsie Suhr Hometown: Sabetha, KS Major: Master’s Student in Biomedical Sciences Years at BCI: 
1.5 years Favorite project: Helping other graduate students with hands-on research projects. What have you learned from the BCI? The BCI and its employees have taught

K-State CVM Student Receives National Bovine Veterinary Student Award

By Audrey Hambright Jacob Hagenmaier, a concurrent third-year veterinary and Ph.D. student in the College of Veterinary Medicine at Kansas State University was recently recognized as a recipient of the American Association of Bovine Practitioners (AABP) Bovine Student Recognition Award.

K-State Hosts Annual Beef Stocker Field Day

Presentations for the annual conference focus on animal health and management practices. By Lisa Henderson Nearly 300 producers attended K-State’s annual Beef Stcker Day conference in Manhattan on Sept. 25. Producers, practitioners and other industry participants came to learn about