Month: August 2016

Evaluating multiple risk factors for bovine respiratory disease of feedlot cattle

Many different risk factors combine to cause bovine respiratory disease (BRD) in feedlot cattle. A group of researchers at the University of Queensland in Australia recently published a series of papers that investigated how different management options impacted the risk

Student Spotlight

Elliott J. Dennis Hometown: Franklin, Tennessee What is your degree program and anticipated graduation date? PhD in Agricultural Economics, May 2019 Leadership activities: Treasurer of Graduate Student Council; Committee Member Graduate Student Case Study Competition Student Position: Graduate Research Assistant for Dr. Ted Schroeder

In Research

Economic Impacts of Food and Drug Administration Veterinary Feed Directive Rules on Beef Cattle Sector By Emilie Herbst The cattle industry has faced a great deal of public scrutiny, especially when it comes to antibiotics. Due to this the FDA has

Rural Practitioner

Dr. Trent Fox Veterinary research and consulting businesses Hays, Kansas By Audrey Hambright Dr. Trent Fox has found success in his young career in veterinary medicine with help from mentors and a steadfast belief in his goals. A native of St.

Producer Spotlight

Matt Perrier Dalebanks Angus Eureka, Kansas By Audrey Hambright Matt Perrier of Dalebanks Angus, is truly in the business of giving both the customer – and the consumer – what they want. A 1996 graduate of Kansas State University, Perrier quickly

Storytelling with Big Data

By Audrey Hambright Producers and veterinarians are continually looking for a more efficient way to manage records for their cow herds and health programs. Technology in its constant evolution has provided new ways to manage and collect data, but how can

Managing Pinkeye in the Cow Herd

By A.J. Tarpoff D.V.M., M.S., Beef Extension Veterinarian, Kansas State University Pinkeye (Infectious Bovine Keratoconjunctivitis) can be a costly disease for cattle producers during the summer and early fall in Kansas. Understanding the cause, signs, treatment, and prevention of this disease