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Food Values Applied to Livestock Products

Consumers value several attributes when they make food purchase decisions. Food values refer to underlying consumer preferences that include food quality, taste, price, nutrition, health, safety, and how a product is produced. How meat and dairy products are produced, whether

Brad White Takes Over as AVC President

Announcement and photo by John Maday, Bovine Veterinarian During the Academy of Veterinary Consultants (AVC) Spring Conference recently, Kansas State University veterinarian Brad White, DVM, MS, began his term as AVC president. White succeeds past president Tom Portillo, a feedyard

Rural Practitioner

Dr. Robert Rust Green Valley Veterinary Services Wamego, Kansas By Audrey Hambright For Dr. Robert Rust, establishing a strong educational background and developing a good work ethic at a young age, will help lay the foundation for a fulfilling career in veterinary medicine.

Producer Spotlight

Dave & Cindy Judd Judd Ranch Pomona, Kansas By Audrey Hambright David and Cindy Judd started Judd Ranch in 1981 with the goal of producing profitable and functional genetics for commercial cattlemen. They raise Gelbvieh, Balancer and Red Angus seedstock with an

Using Genetic Testing to Improve Fed Cattle Marketing Decisions

The beef industry has three main ways to market fed cattle, live weight, dressed weight, and grid pricing. Past studies have evaluated the benefit of using readily available information such as visual assessment of weight and body condition and additional

Associations between feed efficiency and reproduction function

In the midst of bull sale season, most producers have a few key traits in mind, depending on their operation. For producers looking for a bull to sire “easy keeping” cattle, researchers in Canada, have reason to believe that selecting

Strategically Growing Kansas Agriculture

By Heather Landsowne and Jason Walker, Kansas Department of Agriculture In August 2015, the Kansas Department of Agriculture hosted a meeting of the Governor’s Council of Economic Advisors. A direct result of that meeting was a call to action to

Rural Practitioner

Dr. Amy Bandel Mill Creek Veterinary Services Alma, Kansas By Audrey Hambright Dr. Amy Bandel is no stranger to adversity. Her journey has given her the strength and experience to be a successful rural practitioner. An alumnus of the Kansas State University

Producer Spotlight

Harry & Lisa Moser Moser Ranch Wheaton, Kansas By Audrey Hambright Harry and Lisa Moser of Moser Ranch near Wheaton, Kansas, have made an excellent team. From performing all aspects of physical labor around the ranch, to making management and business decisions,

BCI Pregnancy Analytics App: How is the data used?

By Dr. Bob Larson The BCI Pregnancy Analytics App was released in the fall of 2016 and is being used by veterinarians and beef producers to enhance monitoring and evaluating cowherd breeding season success. Veterinarians know that being able to