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Producer Spotlight

Langvardt Family JC Livestock Sales Inc. Junction City, Kansas By Audrey Hambright For the Langvardt Family, the livestock auction market business has been a family affair from day one. Vern and Marie Langvardt, along with their son Howard and his

Schaffer Receives AABP Foundation-Zoetis Veterinary Scholarship

Aaron Schaffer, fourth year student in the K-State College of Veterinary Medicine was among 15 students from across the nation receiving American Association of Bovine Practitioners Foundation-Zoetis Veterinary Scholarships to support careers in large animal veterinary medicine. Schaffer, a native of Fairbury, Illinois and active student in the

BCI Develops Training Modules in Collaboration with $25 Million Research Effort

BCI training modules focus on E. coli prevention in beef cattle. by Audrey Hambright A series of new beef cattle online training modules has been released by the BCI at Kansas State University. The series was produced in part with funds from

Bruce Vincent Presents at Upson Lecture Series

“There is a fine line between environmental sensitivity and environmental insanity and society is coming close to crossing it.” That’s part of the message Bruce Vincent, a third-generation logger from Montana, delivered during the latest installment of the Upson Lecture Series in early November.

Cargill Employees Complete Beef Transportation Training

The company’s truck drivers are first industry-related fleet to complete the training, available online. By Audrey Hambright Cargill employees were recently a part of the first trucking fleet to complete the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association’s (NCBA’s) Beef Cattle Transportation Education

Quality Assurance Assessments in Feedyards

Beef Cattle Institute Technical Bulletin           Title: Quality Assurance Assessments in Feedyards           Authors: T.R. Barnhardt, D.U. Thomson, S.P. Terrell, D.J. Rezac, D. Frese, S.J. Bartle, C.D. Reinhardt        

Effects of three dehorning techniques on behavior and wound healing in feedlot cattle

Author: C. D. Neely, D. U. Thomson, C. A. Kerr and C. D. Reinhardt Journal: J ANIM SCI 2014, 92:2225-2229 Abstract: Crossbred horned steers and heifers (n = 40; BW = 311.8 ± 4.7 kg) were used to determine the effect of dehorning

An audit of the current U.S. Department of Agriculture frame size scoring system

Author: C. D. Reinhardt, W. D. Busby Journal: J ANIM SCI 2014, 92:2654-2659 Abstract: Feedlot and carcass data from steers (n = 16,700) and heifers (n = 6,357) originating from 16 different states and fed in 17 feedlots located in southwest Iowa were

Feeding zilpaterol hydrochloride is associated with decreased dry matter intake shortly after initiation of feeding dependent on season and previous intake

Author: C. D. Reinhardt, C. I. Vahl, B. E. Depenbusch, J. P. Hutcheson and D. U. Thomson Journal: J ANIM SCI 2014, 92:4751-4760 Abstract: A database of daily feed deliveries for steers and heifers fed at 3 commercial feedyards in Kansas between January

High-dose anabolic implants are not all the same for growth and carcass traits of feedlot steers: A meta-analysis

Author: C. D. Reinhardt , J. J. Wagner Journal: J ANIM SCI 2014, 92:4711-4718 Abstract: A meta-analysis of studies evaluating feedlot steer implant programs was conducted to evaluate the differential effects of anabolic implant dosage on feedlot performance and carcass traits. The effect sizes