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Relationships between feedlot health, average daily gain, and carcass traits of Angus steers

Author: C. D. Reinhardt ,M. L. Hands ,T. T. Marston , J. W. Waggoner and L. R. Corah Journal: The Professional Animal Scientist 28 ( 2012 ):11–19 Abstract: Angus steers (n = 17,919) fed at a single feedlot in southwestern Kansas between 1997

Implementation of industry-oriented animal welfare and quality assurance assessment in Kansas cattle feeding operations

Author: Tera R. Barnhardt, DVM; Daniel U. Thomson, DVM, PhD; Shane P. Terrell, DVM, MS; Darrell J. Rezac, MS, PhD; Daniel A. Frese, DVM; Chris D. Reinhardt. Abstract: Consumer interest in production agriculture has prompted the beef industry to develop tools to increase accountability of

Stability of Rumen pH Measurements Obtained Postmortem

Author: T.L. Lee, D.U. Thomson, B.W. Wileman Abstract: Seventeen 350 lb (159 kg) Holstein steers were utilized to determine stability of rumen pH postmortem. Cattle were randomly assigned to two whole-corn ration treatment groups: 1) limit-fed (7.5 lb; 3.4 kg) or 2) fed ad libitum (9.5 lb;

Case study: Effects of undifferentiated bovine respiratory disease on performance and marbling deposition in feedlot steers fed to a common yield grade endpoint

Author: Daniel U. Thomson, Eric S. Moore, Brad J. White, Chris D. Reinhardt Abstract: A total of 202 Angus steers with an average body weight (BW) of 678 ± 73 lb (308 ± 33.2 kg) were used to evaluate the effects of undifferentiated bovine respiratory disease (BRD) on

Effects of timing of chlortetracycline in combination with decoquinate on growth performance, health, and carcass characteristics of feeder steers

Author: Daniel U. Thomson, DVM, PhD; R. Spencer Swingle, PhD; Mark Branine, PhD; Steven J. Bartle, PhD; David A. Yates, PhD Abstract: Steer calves (n = 1690) were used in a 220-day study to evaluate the effects of chlortetracycline (CTC) plus decoquinate (DEQ) on health

A Survey to Describe Current Feeder Cattle Health and Well-Being Program Recommendations made by Feedlot Veterinary Consultants in the United States and Canada

Author: S.P. Terrell, DVM; D.U. Thomson1, PhD, DVM; B.W. Wileman, DVM, PhD; M.D. Apley, DVM, PhD Abstract: Feedlot veterinarians (n=23) representing 11,295,000 cattle on feed in the United States and Canada participated in a beef cattle health and well-being recommendation survey. Veterinarians

Perception of lameness management, education, and effects on animal welfare of feedlot cattle by consulting nutritionists, veterinarians, and feedlot managers

Author: S.P. Terrell, DVM, MS; D.U. Thomson, PhD, DVM; C.D. Reinhardt, BS, MS, PhD; M.D. Apley, DVM, PhD; C.K. Larson; K.R. Stackhouse-Lawson Abstract: Consulting nutritionists (n=37), consulting veterinarians (n=47), and feedlot managers (n=63) from the United States and Canada participated in a feedlot

A survey of gross pathologic conditions in cull cows at slaughter in the Great Lakes region of the United States

Author: D. J. Rezac, D. U. Thomson , M.G. Siemens, F.L. Prouty, C.D. Reinhardt, S. J. Bartle Journal: J. Dairy Sci. 97 :4227–4235 Abstract: The prevalence and severity of multiple gross pathologic lesions and abnormalities in cull dairy and beef cows was evaluated at a commercial abattoir in the

Prevalence, severity, and relationships of lung lesions, liver abnormalities, and rumen health scores measured at slaughter in beef cattle

Author: D. J. Rezac, D. U. Thomson ,S. J. Bartle, J. B. Osterstock, F. L. Prouty and C. D. Reinhardt Journal: J ANIM SCI June 2014 vol. 92no. 6 2595-2602 Abstract: An array of management tools exists within the beef industry to improve animal welfare and productivity; however, the

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McCarty Family Farms LLC McCarty Family, Rexford, Kansas When Tom and Judy McCarty made the decision to relocate the family dairy from Northeast Pennsylvania to Western Kansas in 2000, it was because they viewed the opportunities for young people who