Rural Practitioner

Dr. Shane Terrell

Beef Cattle Consultant for PAC

Gothenburg, Nebraska

By Lisa Henderson

Shane Terrell, DVM, is a beef cattle consultant for Production Animal Consultation (PAC) based in Gothenburg, Nebraska. He said his upbringing in northwest Nebraska on a diversified agriculture operation helped build the foundation for his career in the production animal industry.Terrell Shane_0654

Terrell’s family operation consisted predominately of a cow-calf, feedlot, and farming operation that grew corn, alfalfa, dry-edible beans and wheat. Terrell stayed in Western Nebraska for his undergraduate studies at Chadron State University, graduating with a degree in biology. Next he attended K-State’s College of Veterinary Medicine, started working with the BCI and began working on a concurrent master’s degree. After completing his DVM in 2011 and his master’s in 2012, Terrell joined the staff at PAC. Currently he is working on a Ph.D. in Pathobiology and Diagnostic Medicine part-time through K-State.

“I enjoy helping producers make decisions that help their bottom line and help improve the welfare of the animals and those working with the animals,” Terrell said.

His favorite aspect of his job is working with the people involved in the beef industry. “You would be hard pressed to find anyone working in the beef industry who doesn’t believe that the people involved in the industry – that I get to work with on a daily basis – are the best part of any job within it. I am not an exception. The people in the feedlot world are hardworking, loyal, honest and respectful.”

While working for the BCI, Terrell said it was a great place for him because it provided an outlet for industry focused research. He said he also likes the aspect that the Animal Care Training provides access to bilingual training for industry members.

“The research is rarely product driven, but focuses on providing better insight into industry challenges and solutions to those challenges.