High-dose anabolic implants are not all the same for growth and carcass traits of feedlot steers: A meta-analysis

Author: C. D. Reinhardt , J. J. Wagner

Journal: J ANIM SCI 2014, 92:4711-4718

Abstract: A meta-analysis of studies evaluating feedlot steer implant programs was conducted to evaluate the differential effects of anabolic implant dosage on feedlot performance and carcass traits. The effect sizes of the implant dosage of interest vs. negative controls and vs. other implant dosages on various dependent variables (ADG, F:G, DMI, dressing percentage [DP], HCW, yield grade, percentage Choice or higher, and marbling score) were calculated. Treatments used for comparisons included no implant, EST (20 mg estradiol benzoate + 200 mg progesterone, 36 mg zeranol, or 72 mg zeranol), ET120 (24 mg estradiol 17β + 120 mg trenbolone acetate [TBA]), and ET200 (28 mg estradiol benzoate + 200 mg TBA or 20 mg estradiol-17β + 200 mg TBA). In the first analysis, the 3 implant dosages were compared to negative control. A second analysis was conducted to compare ET120 vs. ET200 using only studies that included a direct comparison of these 2 dosages. The number of studies included in the analysis for each implant dosage and response variable ranged from 34 to 7. A mixed model was used to evaluate individual implant treatments; implant dosage was a fixed effect, and individual study was included as a random effect. All dosages had greater ADG, DMI, and HCW and lower F:G, percentage Choice, and marbling score vs. negative controls (P < 0.05) In the second direct comparison analysis, ET200 tended to have greater ADG (P = 0.10) and HCW (P = 0.07) and had lower F:G (P < 0.01) and percentage of carcasses grading Choice or greater (P < 0.01) vs. ET120. Differences in HCW between ET120 and ET200 diminished numerically with increasing days of implant activity (P < 0.01). All dosages of implants evaluated herein increased performance and decreased quality grade vs. negative controls. Combination implants containing estrogen (E) and 200 mg TBA have greater potency for growth promotion than implants containing E+120 mg TBA resulting in slightly greater performance.

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