Student Spotlight

Lindsay Upperman

Lindsay Upperman

Lindsay Upperman

Hometown: Chambersburg, PA

Major: Animal Science, Option: Bioscience/Biotechnology

Student Title: STEC Research/Training Module Intern

My focus is to collect as much film or pictures that I can from the various locations needed to create training modules for STEC. I contact producers or company owners to gain access to their operation and take quality film to use in the module. Maintaining a working relationship with the producers is also a main priority.

What have you learned from the BCI? I have learned just how difficult it can be to gain the trust of the owner or producer to enable access to film at their operation. Additionally, I have learned to effectively communicate the importance of filming at their operation. Furthermore, I have learned about time management and scheduling trips. I have to make sure I know exactly how long it takes to get somewhere, when it is happening, and when certain dates are available to visit a location. In the end, I have gained valuable skills which will allow me to be successful in graduate school and the work field.

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