Producer Spotlight

Producer Spotlight

Giles Ranch,

Roger & Cathy Giles

Ashland, Kansas

By Tiffany Lee

Roger Giles of Giles Ranch Company LLC

Roger Giles of Giles Ranch Company LLC

Giles Ranch Company LLC in Clark County, Kansas, is home to four generations of the Giles family: Dolores Giles, her son Roger and his wife Cathy, and their daughters Jennifer, Katie and Molly and their families.

The family has a background rich in agricultural education. Not only has running the ranch been an educational experience, but the family has focused on agriculture in their formal education as well. Roger attended the Texas Christian University Ranch Management program in 1968, and obtained a degree in agriculture from Fort Hays State University in 1970. His wife attended Kansas State University and graduated with a degree in home economics in 1976. Jenny has a degree in agricultural economics from Kansas State University, Katie has an animal science degree from the same school and Molly attended West Texas A&M and received a degree in agricultural education.

The family has an extensive history in the beef industry, tracing back to the 1870s. The first members of the Giles family, a father and three sons, came to Kansas in the 1870s and settled at Claflin, originally named Giles Town. One son would become the great-grandfather to Roger. Roger’s father, Norman Lee, and his grandfather, Norman A., would buy the original ranch in 1947.

Today, the ranch is a commercial cow-calf, stocker-feeder operation. In 2011, a grower lot was built to diversify the operation. The family also started a retail beef business in 2013. As stated on their website, with their long history in the beef industry, the family has learned a few things about producing a great steak!

The ranch runs smoothly with the help of the whole family. Roger is the general manager of the ranch. Jenny uses her degree in agricultural economics to run the office and Katie is very involved with the ranch’s breeding program. Molly and her husband CJ are involved with much of the day-to-day maintenance of the ranch and care of the cattle.

The family actively invites people to the ranch to show them how their beef is raised. They are also members in the Kansas Livestock Association (KLA), the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA) and the Farm Bureau. With Roger being a former chair of the KLA’s Stockgrower’s Council, Jenny being involved in the Farm Bureau’s Young Farmers and Ranchers program and Katie attending the first KLA Young Stockmen’s Academy, they have shown they are committed to being active in the industry and are willing to help in any way they can.

The Giles family is passionate about producing safe, wholesome beef for consumers to enjoy. Consumers often ask them tough questions about antibiotic and growth hormone use in their cattle, especially after the start of their retail beef business. On their website, they are able to answer such questions in a manner that is both educational and easy to understand.

Jenny stated, “Agriculture is continually challenged to raise more and more food with less and less land, and we are doing it!”

They certainly are doing it, and we applaud them for it!