Rural Practitioner: Randall Spare

Randall Spare, DVM, is a rural practitioner at the Ashland Veterinary Center in Ashland, Kan. He graduated from Kansas State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine in 1986 and enjoys working with animals and interacting with clients.

Randall Spare, DVM, Ashland Vet Center

Randall Spare, DVM, Ashland Vet Center

Spare grew up near St. John, Kan., on a diversified farm where his father raised dairy cattle, swine, feeder cattle and row crops. Spare said his agriculture background generated his interest in animal agriculture and eventually led to his career in veterinary medicine.

“I knew that I wanted to work with animals, but I also enjoy interacting with people, so I knew that staying on the farm wouldn’t fulfill both of those requirements,” he said.

The recent recipient of the Merial Excellence in Preventive Medicine award, Spare was recognized as a practitioner that has developed outstanding preventive medicine programs for beef production. With much of his focus on bovine care, Spare also enjoys helping export live cattle and providing consultation for a large beef cattle operation in Southwest Russia.

Spare says he chose veterinary medicine because he knew he would have the opportunity to work with livestock and people, and his favorite aspect of the job is helping his clients be successful.

“Being able to see my clients have success not only with their operations, but enjoying what they do, and helping to feed the world along the way, that’s what helps me get up in the morning.”

Spare sees the necessity for research programs like those conducted at the BCI as vital for consumers and the beef industry.

“The BCI helps connect the dots between academia and production medicine,” Spare says. “It helps producers stay up to date on industry technologies.”

The Ashland Veterinary Center hosts a team of veterinarians that Spare says excites him because of the level of exceptional service throughout the whole group, including John Kellenberger, DVM, Kelly DeeWall, DVM, and Travis McCarty, DVM. Outside of the clinic Spare spends time with his wife, Michelle, and their five children; Anna, Bethany, Mark, Abigail and John.