Final Agenda and Speakers Announced for Beef Sustainability Knowledge Summit

By Sara Harper, K•Coe Isom

What is sustainable beef?  How can the industry best respond to needs from business customers and consumers to get more information about how beef cattle are raised and cared for while also taking proactive steps to manage the risk from natural resource, employee and economic challenges in a volatile market?  The answers to these and many related questions are complex.  Still, there are many positive efforts going on in both research and practice that can help the industry become more resilient in the face of these new market risks and demands.

In support of the beef industry they serve, K·Coe Isom and Kansas State University’s Beef Cattle Institute are co-hosting a beef sustainability knowledge summit with the goal of providing a forum for the entire beef supply chain to gather and share valuable insights.  We invite you to join with us and the many accomplished speakers below to explore and discuss key challenges, market trends and solutions for furthering beef’s sustainability across economic, social and environmental categories.

The program agenda and format is designed to support constructive dialogue between the panelists and the audience.  Speakers will provide an initial overview of their thoughts, then answer questions as a panel from our moderators and you, the audience.  Press will be in attendance.

The Summit is on Tuesday, May 10th at Kansas State University’s Alumni Center in Manhattan, Kansas. Tickets are on sale now at the following link:

Below are the panel topics and biographies for the incredible panelists this summit is bringing together.

Challenges & Solutions Around Animal Health & Care

  • Dr. Bob Larson, Kansas State University
  • Dr. James T. (Trent) Fox, Veterinary Research & Consulting Services (VRCS)
  • Tim Hardman, World Wildlife Fund (WWF)

Feedstock Challenges & Solutions Surrounding Grass-Fed & Grain-Finishing Systems

  • Dr. Charles (Chuck) Rice, Kansas State University
  • Shawn Tiffany, Tiffany Cattle Company
  • Rob Manes, The Nature Conservancy

Lessons Learned from the Other Industries

  • Dr. Marco Ugarte, MillerCoors
  • Mark Inkrott, UpField

Economic Challenges & Solutions Surrounding Sustainability

  • Dr. Ted Schroeder, Kansas State University
  • Paul Smith, CPA, K·Coe Isom
  • Dennis Roddy, K·Coe Isom

Emerging Technologies & Impact on Sustainability

  • Dan Goehl, Precision Animal Solutions   
  • Tim Evans, CattleTrax
  • Kelly Kim, K·Coe Isom

Spotlight on Emerging Sustainable Beef Programs

  • Todd Allen, Cargill Cattle Feeders, LLC
  • Nicole Johnson-Hoffman, Cargill Value Added Meats representing U.S. Roundtable for Sustainable Beef (USRB)
  • Tim Hardman, World Wildlife Fund (WWF)
  • Emily Johannes, K•Coe Isom